The ONSC operates its programs from the Eric Danis Clubhouse at the Hornet’s Nest Soccer Park


The Club sets classic tracks normally weekly at the Green’s Creek network and these trails are free for the public to use.  Access is at P25, seen on page 2 of the map below.  We also set tracks infrequently at Mer Bleue and Pine Grove as the club’s funds and time permit (also free access).

During the season we will post updates on our website when grooming occurs.  The club gratefully accepts $25 Sustaining Memberships from trail users who wish to contribute financially towards the club’s trail grooming costs.

Greenbelt trail map


The region’s premier skiing facility is the Gatineau Park (not affiliated with the ONSC); access there requires either the purchase of a season’s pass or payment of the daily access fee on-site at each parking lot.

Gatineau Park trail network

Gatineau Park pricing information